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A Walk Down the Devil’s Spine – Part 6

Kyle is up first having set his alarm. It’s 6:30 am on Sunday December 15th 2013. Zippers zip as Paul and I wriggle stiffly out of our sleeping bags.  Kyle  boils us water for coffee while we lace up our…

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A Walk Down the Devil’s Spine – Part 5

My heart is thudding against my ribcage. I’m dizzy and short of breath.  I had just downed a large cup of coffee, smoked an American Spirit and had had  a pinch of Copenhagen in my lower lip, when the current…

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A Walk Down The Devil’s Spine – Part 3

  On January 17th 1969, Robert Samples and six adolescent boys; Bobby and Ronny Cassol, Eddie and Danny Salisbury, Frank Donato and Frank Raugh drove into the Sespe Wilderness for a weekend of target shooting and camping. None of them…

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A Walk Down The Devil’s Spine – Part 2

After swooping through wide corners up the mountain, I turn off Highway 33 into Rose Valley and look down to see the tiny battery icon still glowing red on the dashboard. “The battery light just came on.” I say to…

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