Monthly Archives: February 2014

A Walk Down The Devil’s Spine – Part 2

After swooping through wide corners up the mountain, I turn off Highway 33 into Rose Valley and look down to see the tiny battery icon still glowing red on the dashboard. “The battery light just came on.” I say to…

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A Topa Topa Tale

Click on thumbnails for full size image The rattling back door of Paul’s black Ford Explorer is driving me insane as we turn onto the dusty fork off Sisar Canyon Rd. My head is feeling as empty as the beer…

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A Walk Down The Devil’s Spine – Part 1

July 16th, 2008 “Whooaaaaa!” I leap backwards high into empty space, nearly tumbling down the talus and into a dead bush. The rattler, tightly coiled, doesn’t move an inch save for its black tongue flickering in and out.  Luckily for…

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Volcanoes in Love

“How to Bitch Slap a Raider Hater” reads the back of the limping man’s shirt. A group of men saunter in front of me, eating sunflower seeds while plastic bags filled with assorted items swing in their hands. I’m walking…

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